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About Finishing Online:                                       Finishing Forum Founder

Share, Experience & Enjoy our new “Finishing Community Forum”

35 years experience in the Finishing Industry, Samuel Miles has managed sales and service of powder coating, involved in how to: powder coat powder, metal pretreatments, spray booth cleaning chemicals and coating removal products in automotive assembly plants nationwide in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Founded Miles Chemical Solutions in 1997 to provide information regarding "how to remove paint", “paint, powder coating, powder coat powder: rework solutions” to the finishing industry to clean hooks and reclaim coating rework.

Founded in 2010 to create an all inclusive, niche, worldwide finishing resources directory.

October 2012-replaced the original site format, with new improved navigation, improved advertising opportunities for business and implemented a finishing community forum for registered users to share: information technologies, business tips, communications, photo’s and video links. Finishing Directory, inclusive of Metal Finishing, Paint Finishing, Powder Coating: Custom Coaters, Finishing Suppliers and Services. is a worldwide premium quality, searchable database with category listings and locations that support the Paint Finishing, Powder Coating and Metal Finishing Industries with resources that are conveniently accessible at the click of a mouse. will be continually updated to provide site visitors with an infinite, searchable directory of valuable, up-to-date resources and data. A wide variety of carefully selected category listings help to maximize inclusion of all Finishing Industry  sectors, such as:


• Coating Manufacturers and Sales
• Finishing Service Providers
• Finishing Equipment Manufacturing and Sales
• Product Finishing
• Plating and Metal Finishing Resources
• Coating Removal Products and Services
• Chemicals and Pretreatment Sources


Additionally, Forums offer an exclusive, niche community specific to Finishing, Powder Coating and Custom Coaters.




Share, Experience & Enjoy our new “Finishing Community Forum”